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Terms and Conditions

Payment Policy

Payments are to be made in advance via our selected payment platform or through bank transfer. Prices on the website do not include VAT and Shipping fees. After you reserve your item through the website, we will send you a final estimate with the final price and the payment details through email.

Shipping Policy

Orders are shipped using carriers selected by ACdO (COMERCIALIZACION DE OBJETOS SL - ESB86891827). After you reserve your items on the website, we will provide you with an estimated shipping date and shipping costs. The estimated delivery date is not guaranteed, and inventory shortages or events beyond our control could impact the delivery date. ACdO is not liable for delivery later than the estimated delivery date, or for any loss, damage, or penalty you may incur from a delay in shipment or delivery. Even though we do not hold responsibility for any of these issues, we offer guarantees to our customers on a case by case basis.

Return Policy

We do not offer returns for items. In case the item is damaged or stops working, we offer a two year guarantee on a case by case basis. Depending on the case, we might offer a replacement or to fix the damaged item.