A stool is basically lifting up the ground.

Traditional tile designs can spread infinitely by just repeating a single shape, creating patterns by combining different colors of the same material. The most efficient form, offering the greatest possibilities, is the rhombus. Three of them make a hexagon which is the best way to cover a surface. Using three colors you get a fascinating optical effect.

Putting together these two principles we came upon the idea for this product: making a stool from a single basic piece (a leg coupled with 1/3 of the seat), which repeated three times to becomes a stool, and many of them in combination create a borderless surface with infinite pattern combinations.

Rayuela Making of

At the very beginning of the project, playing with geometry was fundamental in order to find the appropriate shape. We then started to experiment and apply geometry to different materials and finishes which would slightly alter the product. Consequently, the project turned into a research into materials and the different manufacturing processes associated with them.

It was not only pure geometry, but a deep study about different materials and those subtle modifications which determined a production process or another.

Rayuela Details

W: 29,5 cm.
H: 42,5 cm.

Solid wood: Waxed oak, walnut and maple

Plywood: Waxed solid birch plywood

3 Metals: Steel with copper, brass and nickel plating

Indicated prices are suggested retail prices in Euro excl. VAT and delivery costs. Prices valid until April 2022.

Solid Wood: 1050€
Plywood: 990€
3 Metals: 740€