Plinto represents form, versatility, and nature. This collection of pedestals balances the stoicism of brushed brass with the functionality of the cylinder, elevating nature’s simple flora into unique and compelling micro landscapes.

Each pedestal has a slender opening to hold a dried flower, grass, leaf, or other natural element. Whether you have the set of eight or the one of 25, the pedestals enable you to capture an outdoor experience in a composition that reflects your interpretation of one of Mother Earth’s many stories.

Plinto--or plinth in Spanish--is our tribute to nature’s little details. At ACdO, we use design to encourage appreciation of the delicate lines and unembellished beauty found in the world around us.

Thank you for forming part of our story.

Plinto Details

The cylinders range in size from a height of 20mm and a diameter of 8mm, to a height of 150mm with a diameter of 30mm, and can be bought as a selection of 8, or a larger set of 25. Each set comes in a specially crafted boxes that serve as a beautiful storage cases when Plinto needs to be packed away.

Volume I : 8 pieces 

1 piece ø 30 x 115 mm
1 piece ø 30 x 15 mm
1 piece ø 24 x 70 mm
1 piece ø 19 x 110 mm
1 piece ø 19 x 31 mm

1 piece ø 13 x 60 mm

1 piece ø 13 x 20 mm

1 piece ø 8 x 40 mm

Box Dimensions

L: 17 cm. 

W: cm. 

H: 25 cm.

Volumen I + II : 25 pieces 

1 pieces ø 30 x 150 mm
1 pieces ø 30 x 115 mm
3 pieces ø 30 x 15 mm
3 pieces ø 24 x 70 mm

1 pieces ø 24 x 40 mm
2 pieces ø 19 x 110 mm
3 pieces ø 19 x 31 mm
1 pieces ø 13 x 90 mm
2 pieces ø 13 x 60mm
2 pieces ø 13 x 20 mm
4 pieces ø 8 x 40 mm

2 pieces ø 8 x 20 mm

Box Dimensions

L: 17,5 cm. 

W: 10 cm. 

H: 25 cm.

Brushed brass
Box: Hard cardboard and paper covering

*Indicated prices are suggested retail prices in Euro excl. VAT and delivery costs. Prices valid until April 2022.