PET Lamp Mapuche

The Mapuche collection is bought to life in Huentelolen, a small village in the heart of Aracaunia region, home of the native Mapuche people. It explores a 500-years-old weaving technique, the “ñocha” native fibre and a highly social community.

The local patterns, the dominant natural colour of the ñocha fibre and the spacious structure of the weaving technique formed a window through which we could appreciate the sheer range of possibilities afforded to us by this complex material. The lamp's robust and generous form is a reflection of the Mapuche people’s strong character and their intimate link with nature. As a finishing touch, all lamps are fortified by a wide horizontal band, imprinting them with a touch of personality.

Curiously, the Mapuche craftspeople share the same complex “coiled” basketry technique as our Ethiopian artisans, imprinting their personal stories and dreams into each lamp of this collection, stitch by stitch.

PET Lamp Mapuche Making Of

Coming back to Chile 3 years later after the first experience with the Chimbarongo artisans, we were exposed to a completely novel and distinct World of basketry in the heart of the Aracaunia region. This time, we worked with female artisans belonging to the Ñocha Malen Collective; living on the land of the Mapuche people. Despite the social stigma associated with this conflict-affected area, we have found a group of women eager to share their valuable traditions with the rest of the World as they look to the future.

The workshops again proved instrumental in demonstrating to us the steps required to build a successful collection. Each PET Lamp receives the creative and personal imprint of its artisan, who can freely apply the patterns and traditional techniques at their discretion.

The protagonist of the Mapuche’s land is ñocha; a vigourous local grass that makes for a superb natural fibre. The artisans grow and harvest it, boil the leaves and dry them so they can split the fibre as desired. At this point it is ready to be woven into the strips of the PET plastic bottle to form a single harmonious shade..

We were delighted during the workshops to discover a commonality between the weaving techniques of the Mapuche artisans and our Ethiopian counterparts. Both communities have also preserved this skill and passed it from one generation to another: A thick coil of grass strands is wrapped in a spiralling outer skin that is stitched into the previous coil as it winds its way out from the center. The similarity between the two collections is striking, nonetheless, our Chilean artisans imprint their own character, opting for a less dense texture that gives these grand lamps a visual lightness thanks to the voids left in the surface.

PET Lamp Mapuche Details

The models displayed are samples. Each shade is a unique piece of art and will not be repeated identically over time.
 Profile shapes may slightly vary from one piece to another.

One single lamp includes: One lampshade, its electrical installation, 1.5 meters cable and a rosette. 
All lamps hang from an independent steel cable to be directly fixed to the ceiling. All the components are included.

All models fit an E27 lamp holder.
Max. 60W. Includes a T-45 LED filament lightbulb 4W 330 Lm.

220 V. All electric components CE approved.
According to regulation UNE-EN 60598

​Indicated prices are suggested retail prices in Euro excl. VAT and delivery costs. Prices valid until April 2022.
Mapuche Single: 520€
Mapuche Set of 3: 1660€