PET Lamp Bolgatanga

PET Lamp Bolgatanga derives its name from one of the most remote cities in Ghana, Bolgatanga, which we had the pleasure of visiting in late 2019.

We were initially drawn to the territory by its reputation for extraordinary basket weaving, however we were also excited to visit a particular establishment that had made a name for itself in the area: Baba Tree Baskets, a company founded by Gregory MacCarthy which has been our perfect local partner for this project. The Baba Tree has been preserving the culture of basket making in the Gurunsi community for the the last 15 years, and together with some of their “master weavers” we had the opportunity to develop a collection of truly unique lamps.

As with all of our collections, we combined local PET plastic bottles with natural fibres to create a PET Lamp. This time the chosen material was Elephant Grass; a fibre with a storied history in the basketry of Northern Ghana that That gives each basket a unique and dynamic shape.

PET Lamp Making of

Bolgatanga, known as “the city of baskets” and the capital of the Frafra community, is located in the heart of the Upper East Region, only a few kilometres from Burkina Faso.

Basketry in this region has maintained its value and ancestral essence, however the artisans who practice this craft are not afraid to experiment, and have progressively allowed updates to traditional basketry such as the integration of PET bottles combined with natural fibres for this project.

With an intricacy and smooth transition of pattern and design, our PET Lamp Bolgatanga is set apart by its unusual wavy form, made possible by the rigid and resistant fibres that ensure an even and durable shade.

To achieve these flowing, organic shapes, the artisans begin by braiding and weaving the Elephant Grass into the plastic bottle. These “master weavers” then work the fibres to add their own style to the pieces. They freely apply simple traditional patterns in black, that contrast with the light tones of the Elephant Grass' natural colour, creating unique pieces that never repeat an exact shape or pattern.

PET Lamp Details

ø: 90 cm approx.
H: 63 cm approx.

This collection reflects the Pakurigo Waves style from The Baba Tree weavers we work with. Only a few weavers master this complex technique. Each lampshade is unique and reflects the style and dexterity of the artisan who wove it. Shape, measurements and patterns differ from each other.

One single lamp includes : One lampshade, its electrical installation, 1.5 meters of black textile cable and a rosette in phosphated finishing. Due to the weight of this model, the hanging system has been adapted and the lampshade hangs from a steel cable to make it safe and allow it to be adjusted.

All sizes fit an E27 lamp holder.Max. 10W. Includes a T-45 LED filament lightbulb 6W 600 Lm.

220 V. All electric components CE approved.According to regulation UNE-EN 60598

​Indicated prices are suggested retail prices in Euro excl. VAT and delivery costs. Prices valid until April 2022.

Unique piece: 2.100€
Unique piece: 2.100€
Unique piece: 2.100€
Unique piece: 2.100€