PET Lamp Abyssinia

The Abyssinia collection aims to preserve and celebrate the stunning weaving techniques of traditional Ethiopian basket weaving. Local patterns, a mix of modern and ancient materials, bold colours, and smooth shapes make PET Lamp Abyssinia a reflection of African character.

For this collection the artisans use a traditional basketry technique that translates as “coiled”; weaving the palm leaves that form the structure with the translucent strands of the plastic PET bottle. This creates a wide, flat lampshade, whose robust form is decorated in incredible patterns, freely chosen by the artisan as a reflection of the cosmogony of their local culture.

PET Lamp Abyssinia Making Of

In Ethiopia we found ourselves face to face with a unique country whose incrediblly dense culture resembles a complex jigsaw puzzle. Ethiopia is full of contrast that extends not only to it geography, but also to its traditions and personality. The ethnic groups of the South of Ethiopia are considered among the most ancient in the world, while the ones from the North of the country are famous for being the cradle of Orthodox Christianity and for extraordinary artistic/religious combinations.

The colourful basket weaving of Ethiopia has a long tradition and plays an important role in their culture and society. Baskets are seen as functional, decorative and sacred elements throughout the country. Generally made by women, a basket's design comes directly from the imagination of the weaver. There are no guidelines or instructions to help in the design of these intricate and colourful pieces, the women simply decide on a pattern and apply it from memory.

PET Lamp Abyssinia Details

ø 75 cm aprox.
H: 15-25 cm aprox.

Each shade is a unique and will not be repeated identically over time.
Profile shapes may slightly vary from one piece to another.

One single lamp includes: One lampshade, its electrical installation, 1.5 meters of coloured cable and a rosette in phosphated finishing.

All models fit an E27 lamp holder.
Max. 60W. Includes a T-45 LED filament lightbulb 4W 330 Lm.
220 V. All electric components CE approved.
According to regulation UNE-EN 60598

Models displayed are samples.

​Indicated prices are suggested retail prices in Euro excl. VAT and delivery costs. Prices valid until April 2022.

PET Lamp Abyssinia: 540€
Set of 3: 1620€
Set of 6: 3240€